Review: Godzilla Vs. Kong (2021)

Godzilla Vs. Kong is what it promises. Two of the most loved big monsters up against each other and you'll immediately know if this film is for you from the title. A film that has a big imagination and bigger monsters.

Review: Dementer (2021)

Dementer is unapologetically writer/director Chad Crawford Kinkle's film. Personal and with sharp focus, Kinkle brings straight in a head long mix of stark reality and horrifying manipulations.

Review: Lucky (2021)

Brea Grant’s Lucky will probably prove to be polarizing, confusing and offensive to some, but incisive, clever, on the nose and an emotional relief to others.

Review: Wrong Turn (2021)

This ain't your Dad's Wrong Turn. This remake/redo or whatever it maybe sure starts off familiar but by the middle of the film, it has detoured into some very different areas....

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