Film Review: Nothing But The Blood (2020)

From the opening dialogue, the film skewers religious indoctrination, the hypocrisy of those that follow some but not all of the rules that are laid out in the bible or at least interpreted and twisted to suit whatever they want it to.

Film Review: Impetigore (2020)

Anwar has a way of getting under your skin. Whether it is ghostly flashes, visceral shocks or simply an open door looking into darkness, he finds a way into your psyche. Playing with shadows and light in a way that keeps you checking the dark corners of the screen for the next scare to come.

Film Review: Lake Of Death (2020)

Lake of Death is beautifully shot and the underwater squences look amazing. The film is directed very well, it's just that there isn't anything that really sets it apart from horror films. It has some very good moments of tension and a few creepy scenes but not nearly enough of them.

Film Review: The Rental (2020)

If you have a trust issues with the people who own those weekend house rentals or AirBnB then The Rental will do nothing to dampen those fears. Written by mumblecore alumni Joe Swanberg along with Dave Franco who also takes the reins as the director.

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