Haddonfield Horror’s Best of 2021

Well, it's that time of year and after another dumpster fire, virus filled year of terrible social and political things happening it was nice to see some very excellent horror films throughout the year. Our best of list contains subversive horror adjacent fare, wild detours from known directors, reclaimed lost films and the most socially... Continue Reading →

Nightstream 2021 Review: Alison’s Birthday

Playing as part of Nightstream's retro section this year specialising in folk horror, Alison's Birthday a rare Australian folk horror film that is seeing the light of day again through Severin Films, is an interesting yet wildly uneven film. The ideas and plot points pre date an entire slew of similar modern films and it's further proof that there rarely is anything brand new in cinema.

Review: Lamb (2021)

It’s easy to be distracted by the gorgeous landscape of Iceland and the simple, idyllic life of María and Ingvar, but Lamb is a folk horror film that subtly explores grief and the selfishness of humanity.

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