This Halloween You’ll Go To Holiday Hell [-TRAILER-]

Holiday Hell...Check out the trailer and read on for the details of the theatrical release for Holiday Hell.From the Press ReleaseIt’s set to be a ho-ho-horrific Halloween this October with Holiday Hell hitting screens big and small!The theatrical season begins October 11 with L.A (October 11-17; Laemmle Monica Film Center), Portland (October 26 & 27)... Continue Reading →

Take A Look At The Terror Tales Trailer + Poster

Terror Tales...Terror Tales, bringing together cast from Friday the 13th, Maniac Cop 1 & 2, George Romero's The Crazies, Wes Craven's The People Under the Stairs, Sleepaway Camp, Critters 2 and more, premiering this January!A who’s who of horror and sci-fi team for a brand-new Creepshow, TERROR TALES!From writer-director Jimmy Lee Combs, a film that... Continue Reading →

Discover the Galaxy Of Horrors

Galaxy Of Horrors...Check out the Red Band trailer for Galaxy Of Horrors. Releases on VOD March 7.The film stars Olli Banjo, Adam Buller, Michelle Colao, Elle Gabriel. Dennis Cabella, Javier Chillon, Todd Cobery, Andrew Desmond, Benni Diez, Marcello Ercole, Richard Karpala, Justin McConnell, Antonio Padovan, Fabio Prati, Ethan Shaftel, Marinko Spahic direct the segments.SynopsisTrapped in a... Continue Reading →

Southbound trailer

Southbound...Southbound trailer is here, check it out below.The anthology film stars Kate Beahan, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Susan Burke, Larry Fessenden, Nathalie Love and a whole host of others. The film is directed by Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath and Radio Silence.SynopsisFive interlocking tales of terror follow the fates of a group of weary travellers who confront their worst nightmares... Continue Reading →

México Bárbaro trailer

México Bárbaro...Check out the trailer below.The film stars  Dulce Alexa, Sara Camacho, Lorena Gonzalez, Claudia Goytia, Emi Kamito and is directed by Isaac Ezban, Laurette Flores Bornn, Jorge Michel Grau, Ulises Guzman, Edgar Nito, Lex Ortega, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Aaron Soto.SynopsisEight Mexican directors unite to bring tales of the most brutally terrifying Mexican traditions and legends to vividly shocking life.Image:

Horror anthology Volumes of Blood trailer

Five tales of horror...At Haddonfield Horror we love a good anthology film and this one looks good! Check out the trailer below.Volumes of Blood is directed by to like P.J. Starks, HorrorHound & Nathan Thomas Milliner, Jakob Bilinski, Lee Vervoort and John Kenneth Muir.SynopsisA sociology student gathers several friends at the local library on Halloween night to... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Noir Carnival

@ReecemJones gives us his thoughts on FoxSpirits Horror Anthology, Noir Carnival...At 274 pages, Noir Carnival allows for enough time to cover many different short stories (20 in total) which should be great value for any fan of short stories. As mentioned in prior reviews, I prefer my stories in long form as I feel there is more... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Hi-8

@RJBayley checks out Hi-8 safe to assume he didn't like it...It’s a point often made in music: humourous pastiche music requires a level of musicianship that’s very good. Take 80s cock-rock throwbacks Steel Panther for example, or authors of the greatest song in the world, Tenacious D.The concept isn’t one that’s often broached in cinema... Continue Reading →

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