Movie Review: The Perfect Husband

@dinsmorality reviews...Director: Lucas PavettoWriters: Lucas Pavetto, Massimo Vavassori Stars: Gabriella Wright, Bret Roberts, Carl WhartonReviewThe independent studio Artsploitation is known for distributing suspenseful stories that require audiences to rabbit hole their way into the psyche of a film’s main characters. The release of the brilliant French psychological thriller Fever, which we reviewed on Haddonfield, is... Continue Reading →

French Thriller Fever Comes out on DVD in May

Fever...Check out the details on Fever and watch the trailer below. The release date is the 24th May (USA).From The Press ReleaseCalled "Intruiging and intellegent...chilling" by The New York Times, the riveting French psychological thrille Fever centers on two teenagers who unaccountably kill a random woman and seemingly get away with it. The drama marks the directorial... Continue Reading →

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