Blair Witch – 2016’s surprise Sci-Fi movie?

@thewonderbry shares his thoughts...SPOILERS AHEADHollywood loves rebooting a franchise.  Why make something original when the title alone can do most of your marketing for free? It’s why, when Blair Witch premiered as The Woods at Comic Con earlier this year, the audience had a profoundly different theater-going experience. I can imagine how jaw-droppingly amazing that... Continue Reading →

Haddonfield Horror’s Killer Kids: The Good Son

At Haddonfieldhorror we are celebrating International Children's Day the only way we know how - by pointing out how scary these vicious, soulless beings can be with our Killer Kids reviews, here @baaakerley checks out the sociopath Macaulay Culkin in The Good Son...The sub genre of horror dealing with “killer kids” is one of the most fascinating... Continue Reading →

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