You Are What You Eat In The Farm Trailer

The Farm...Check out the trailer for the gritty cannibal film The Farm.The film stars Nora Yessayan, Alec Gaylord, Ken Volok. Hans Stjernswärd directs.SynopsisA young couple gets kidnapped and treated like farm animals after stopping at a roadside diner to eat meat.Image: IMDb

Review: Escape From Cannibal Farm

@lcfremont reviews...Director: Charlie SteedsWriter: Charlie SteedsStars: Kate Davies-Speak, Barrington De La Roche, David Lenik, Joe Street, Rowena Bentley, Toby Wynn-DaviesReviewI don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a cannibal film. So, of course I was interested in Escape From Cannibal Farm despite the fact that the movie poster screams of homage. It’s a... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Raw

@ChazensJezebel reviews...Director: Julia DucournauWriter: Julia DucournauStars: Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf, Rabat Nait Oufella ReviewThis year is shaping up to be a stellar one for genre films. The trendy and tired themes are giving way to original ideas or, at the very least, new takes on old ones, pushing boundaries and starting conversations. The latest film... Continue Reading →

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