Movie Review: Capture Kill Release

@TigersMS78 reviews...Director: Nick McAnulty, Brian Allan Stewart Writer: Nick McAnultyStars: Jennifer Fraser, Jon Gates, Farhang Ghajar            ReviewCapture Kill Release is based loosely on the Ken and Barbie Killers. The real story is horrifying enough but Capture Kill Release tells the story in such a matter of fact manner that it has an icky layer on.It tells... Continue Reading →

Capture Kill Release Uploads to Digital HD March 7th

Capture Kill Release...Check out the Capture Kill Release trailer below and all the details on its release.From the Press ReleaseMidnight Releasing has announced the March 7th Digital HD and MOD premiere of Capture Kill Release. Co-directors Nick McAnulty and Brian Allan Stewart deliver a romantic bloodbath that blends the true horrors of the Barbie and... Continue Reading →

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