Horror Channel Gets Sadistic In May

Horror Channel... Apocalyptic nightmares, the return of the monstrous Victor Crowley, David Tennant in sadistic mood and an all-star classic vampire tale…Horror Channel marks May with eight prime-time Channel premieres, including armrest-clutching shocker BAD SAMARITAN, starring a serial-killing David Tennant,  VICTOR CROWLEY, Adam Green’s horrifying rebooted journey back to the haunted, blood-drenched bayou, Francis Ford... Continue Reading →

BBC Dracula Mini-Series Gets A Teaser [-TRAILER-]

Dracula...Check out the teaser for the new Dracula mini-series from the BBC.The series stars Claes Bang as the title character with Jonathan Aris, Morfydd Clark, Sacha Dhawan, Mark Gatiss.The mini-series is based off the original story from Bram Stoker.Image: BBC

Hammer Classics Season To Premiere On Horror Channel

Horror Channel...From November 3, Horror Channel celebrates vintage 1950s home-grown fantasy and horror with a HAMMER CLASSICS SEASON, The primetime Saturday night season, consisting of four network premieres, which star the iconic Peter Cushing, kicks off with Val Guest’s atmospheric masterpiece, THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN, The other three, all directed by Terence Fisher, are the highly... Continue Reading →

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