RLJE Films Acquires Fangoria’s Satanic Panic

Satanic Panic...RLJE Films has acquired the highly anticipated horror film Satanic Panic. The latest in the line-up from the recently re-launched Fangoria, and based on a story by Grady Hendrix (Mohawk) and Ted Geoghegan (We Are Still Here), the film was written by Hendrix and directed by Chelsea Stardust (Hulu’s “Into the Dark”). Satanic Panic... Continue Reading →

NOTLD, Alien, Vintage Halloween & Fangoria Merchandise From Fright-Rags

Fright-Rags...We're officially halfway to Halloween, but Fright-Rags churns out high-quality horror movie merchandise all year long! The latest installments include Vintage Halloween, Night of the Living Dead, Fangoria, and Alien.Fright-Rags' Vintage Halloween collection lives up to its name with Nathan Thomas Milliner's retro-style artwork for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween III: Season of the Witch,... Continue Reading →

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