Review: Anonymous Animals (2020)

Anonymous Animals is a tricky film to pin down. In fact, it’s not a film in the traditional sense, but a collection of vignettes that all merge together in a dreamy and unsettling way. There is no dialogue in the movie: only the noises of animals and the screaming of humans...

The Night Eats The World Trailer

The Night Eats The World...Check out the trailer for French zombie film The Night Eats The World. Releases July 13 (USA).The film stars Anders Danielsen Lie, Golshifteh Farahani, Denis Lavant. Dominique Rocher directs.SynopsisThe morning after a party, a young man wakes up to find Paris invaded by zombies.Image: IMDb

Movie Review: Revenge

@lcfremont reviews...Director: Coralie FargeatWriter: Coralie FargeatStars: Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Kevin Janssens, Vincent ColombeReviewThe rape/revenge sub-genre of horror is a muddied mess of exploitation, ill conceived social commentary and unnecessarily gratuitous rape scenes. And, for better or worse, I am always on board to watch one of these films because once in a while, someone... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Raw

@ChazensJezebel reviews...Director: Julia DucournauWriter: Julia DucournauStars: Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf, Rabat Nait Oufella ReviewThis year is shaping up to be a stellar one for genre films. The trendy and tired themes are giving way to original ideas or, at the very least, new takes on old ones, pushing boundaries and starting conversations. The latest film... Continue Reading →

Prepare to get Hostile

Hostile trailer...New French horror film screening at Cannes, Hostile is written & directed by fourteen (!) year old Nathan Ambrosioni and stars Anatolia Allieis, Morgan Hec, Nathan Ambrosioni, Mallow Garcia, Lucille Donier, Danielle Di Sandro. SynopsisAnna and Emilie are 14 and 15. They are sisters and orphans. Hardly have they been in their new home when... Continue Reading →

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