Review: The Lurker

The Lurker...Director: Eric LiberackiWriter: John Lerchen Stars: Scout Taylor-Compton, Michael Emery, Domenica Cameron-ScorseseReviewSlasher films set in a high school are a lot like people wearing pajamas to Walmart. Both are a bit too ubiquitous for my taste, but both offer the opportunity to delight and surprise or merely disappoint and make me ask, “Why?”. Sadly,... Continue Reading →

Salvation Is At Hand In The Church [-TRAILER-]

The Church...The Church is an indie horror thriller from director and writer Dom Frank. Starring Bill Moseley (3 From Hell), Ashley C. Williams (The Human Centipede) and Clint Howard, this church is being sold and God is not happy. When a pastor (Moseley) is tempted by money, a real estate developer moves into these holy... Continue Reading →

Made Me Do It Comes To DVD/VOD This June

Made Me Do It...Check out the trailer for Made Me Do It. On VOD/DVD June 11, 2019.The film stars Anna B. Shaffer, Kyle Van Vonderen, Cortney Palm. Benjamin Ironside Koppin directs.SynopsisCollege student Ali Hooper and her little brother are attacked by a masked maniac, and the key to them surviving the night lies in unlocking... Continue Reading →

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