Knives And Skin Official Poster And Trailer [-NEWS-]

Knives And Skin...Check out the trailer for Knives And Skin. In Cinemas, On Demand and on Digital December 6, 2019.The film stars Marika Engelhardt, Audrey Francis, Tim Hopper, Kate Arrington. Jennifer Reeder writes and directs.SynopsisWhat happened to Carolyn Harper? Part suburban nightmare, part neon-soaked teenage fever dream, this tantalizing mystery traces the wave of fear... Continue Reading →

Fantasia 2019 Review: Knives And Skin [-FILM-]

Knives And Skin...Director: Jennifer ReederWriter: Jennifer ReederStars: Kate Arrington, Marika Engelhardt, Tim HopperReviewWritten and directed by Jennifer Reeder, Knives and Skin is a quirky, complex dissection of human needs, desires and the interactions we choose to meet those needs. In a small, midwest town, local teen Carolyn Harper goes missing and this event impacts everyone... Continue Reading →

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