Let’s Get Medieval – The Green Knight Teaser

The Green Knight...Check out the trailer for The Green Knight. Releases May 29, 2020 (USA).The film stars Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, Barry Keoghan, Ralph Ineson. David Lowry directs.SynopsisA fantasy re-telling of the medieval story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.Image: A24

Movie Review: It Comes At Night

@RenZelen reviews...Director: Trey Edward ShultsWriter: Trey Edward ShultsStarring: Joel Edgerton, Carmen Ejogo, Kelvin Harrison Jr. Christopher Abbott, Riley Keough, Griffin Robert FaulknerReviewDeceptively titled and oddly mis-marketed as a horror movie, Trey Edward Shults’s second feature It Comes at Night, might much more appropriately be viewed as a ‘post-apocalyptic psychological family drama’.I’m often loath to place... Continue Reading →

It Comes At Night Official Trailer

It Comes At Night...Check out the official trailer for It Comes At Night. Releases on June 9 (USA), June 25 (Australia).From the Press ReleaseBehold the full-length trailer for Trey Edward Shults' It Comes At Night. Joel Edgerton, his hormone-raddled teenage son, and their family dog will haunt your nightmares.The film stars Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough,... Continue Reading →

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