Movie Review: Blair Witch

@theevilbread reviews...It's very weird to even begin writing this review, I've said it a hundred times before and I'll probably say it a hundred times more, 'The Blair Witch Project' is by far the scariest and most effective horror film I've ever seen in terms of causing anxiety and fright. I can confidently say that... Continue Reading →

The Blair Witch Project – A Look Back

@Theevilbread takes a look back at The Blair Witch Project...We all come from towns or cities with local urban legends, stories passed down from generations to peers that harbour an on-going legacy which moulds itself with each passing tongue. I came from a partially rural area, a lot of wooded areas outside of the town... Continue Reading →

Book Review: FIND’M

@theevilbread reviews...FIND'M'is an anthology collection of short stories by Simon Graves focusing on a gay hook up app (we all know which one the influence has been taken from), think of it as a gay Creepshow, you could sell me on that premise alone. The collection runs in at 120 pages and includes twelve short... Continue Reading →

IN DEFENCE OF: Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

New Nightmare...After the 1980's, horror took a major hit with constant churned out sequels and rip-offs of cash churning franchises. The victims in these films were no longer the ones that the audience associated with out of familiarity, but rather the monsters themselves became the focal point and 'anti-heroes' of the genre. No longer were... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Dead Rising – Watchtower

Out pretty much everywhere now - @theevilbread checks out the next zombie game to film adaptation...I’ll be the first to admit, when it comes to film adaptations, video games don’t just have the bottom of the stick, that bottom of the stick is wrapped in flaming barbed wire, very, very rarely do they work. The only adaptations... Continue Reading →

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