A swing of the Axe

Cleave, Chop, Hack - Axe...The axe is never a weapon that horror films shy away from. Many times we've seen an axe used to break down a door, decapitate or maim. I have collected four the best uses of an axe I could find (or remember) and their accompanying film clip. Let me know if I missed your... Continue Reading →

Memorable Body Horror Moments

In honour of everyone’s favourite alien film – Alien (if it’s not it should be) – being released 35 years ago today and of course the birth of the Alien during the chest burster scene, I thought a list of the most memorable body horror was in order – so stop what you’re eating and... Continue Reading →

Worst. Parents. Ever.

We all have issues with our parental units from time to time; sometimes you can’t believe that you were produced by them…however the following sets of parents (I hope) make yours pale into insignificance. Margaret White (Carrie)Ok, so you’re a single mother. I applaud that and it definitely isn’t easy raising a daughter with telekinetic abilities.... Continue Reading →

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