The Dead Will Walk The Earth in Fright-Rags’ Gear

Fright-Rags...Check out Fright-Rags latest merch!Fright-Rags has released new merchandise featuring Dawn of the Dead, Hellraiser's Pinhead, and the Evil Dead franchise's Necronomicon. When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth in Fright-Rags' Dawn of the Dead gear! Five new shirts and a pair of socks join several previously-released designs from... Continue Reading →

Fright-Rags summons the Necronomicon

Fright-Rags...Check out Fright-Rags new Necronomicon range.From the Press ReleaseThe Necronomicon was never meant for the world of the living, but Ash and his friends unwittingly used it to summon demons in Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead. Fright-Rags resurrects the ancient Book of the Dead with The Evil Dead & Necronomicon Collection.Fright-Rags' series of The Evil... Continue Reading →

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