Want to support Night of the Babysitter?

Horror, Crime, Sex and Hip Hop? It's Night of the Babysitter...Night of The Babysitter is Horror, crime, sex and hip hop are united in this rousing portrayal of a father and daughters’ unpardonable revenge, starring Dora Madison Burge (Friday Night Lights, Dexter, and the new Terrence Malick movie!). A crime thriller in the guise of a horror... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Red

@TigersMS78 gets a little misty eyed watching Red...So, no this is not the old people blowing shit up film but the understated Brian Cox film.Red tells the story of Avery Ludlow (Brian Cox) a widowed, older gent whose best friend is a dog named Red, now before you say awwww...this ain't Marley & Me but... Continue Reading →

Movie Review – I Saw The Devil

In light of the news that there is a remake in the works, here @TigersMS78 takes a look at the original Korean revenge masterpiece...Whenever a film causes you to be concerned about what the hero of the film is going to do to the villain, you know you have stumbled onto something special. I Saw The Devil... Continue Reading →

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