Fantasia 2019 Review: Sadako [-FILM-]

Sadako...Director: Hideo NakataWriters: Noriaki SugiharaStars: Himeka Himejima, Elaiza Ikeda, Ren KiriyamaReviewPlaying at Fantasia Film Festival 2019, Sadako is Hideo Nakata's return to the Ringu world. In the first Ringu Nakata had it dripping it menace and fear, unfortunately with Sadako most of that is gone and replaced with a very standard and seen-it-before storyline.After an... Continue Reading →

Review: Ringu 4K

Ringu 4K...Director: Hideo NakataWriters: Hiroshi Takahashi (screenplay), from the novel by Kôji SuzukiStarring: Nanako Matsushima, Miki Nakatani, Yûko Takeuchi, Hiroyuki Sanada, Masako, Chihiro ShiraiReviewIn March 2019 Arrow Video is rereleasing Hideo Nakata’s Ringu restored from the original negative in vivid high definition and supplemented by archival and newly created bonus materials.In 1998, director Hideo Nakata... Continue Reading →

Dark Cinema: Horror from Japan and Korea

@RenZelen takes a look...‘No body’ does it betterWhen a new era of Asian horror films entered mainstream Western cinema with Hideo Nakata’s ‘Ringu (The Ring), Asian horror movies were soon perceived to be chasing Hollywood’s more hackneyed horror efforts into the shadows. Nakata’s frightening and heart-breaking ‘Dark Water’ (2002) and Chan-wook Park’s violent, socially resonant... Continue Reading →

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