Movie Review: Scare Campaign

@lcfremont reviews...Directors: Cameron Cairnes & Colin CairnesWriters: Cameron Cairnes & Colin CairnesStars: Meegan Warner, Ian Meadows, Olivia DeJongeReviewHey, hey, hey kids! We’ve got ourselves another horror film that is being touted as truly terrifying. Hailing from the land of Oz, it is being lumped together with Wolf Creek, Lake Mungo, Wyrmwood and The Babadook. Some of these bedfellows... Continue Reading →

Scare Campaign Trailer

Scare Campaign...Check out the Scare Campaign trailer, from Cameron Cairnes & Colin Cairnes the directors of the awesome (and under seen) 100 Bloody Acres.The film stars Meegan Warner, Ian Meadows, Olivia DeJonge, Josh Quong Tart, Patrick Harvey.SynopsisPopular prank TV show, Scare Campaign, has been entertaining audiences for the last 5 years with its mix of old school scares and... Continue Reading →

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