A Statement From Stu Stone Director Of Scarecrows

Scarecrows...Scarecrows, the stoner-horror film from Uncork'd Entertainment, is snaring fans quickly -- but they're going about their fandom for the Stu Stone-directed movie in the wrong way.The audience has connected with the movie to such a degree that it has become a problem for some farmers. SCARECROWS revolves around a group of stoner-teens who unknowingly... Continue Reading →

Scarecrows To Hang In December

Scarcecrows...Teenagers are kidnapped and made into living scarecrows who are left to die in crop fields in an exceedingly frightening stoner-horror throwback in the vein of Jeepers Creepers and Scream. Scarecrows, from director Stu Stone, rise from the cornfields 12/11 from Uncorkā€™d Entertainment.While on a hike to find a secret lagoon, a group of friends... Continue Reading →

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