Deep Blue Sea 2 Trailer

Deep Blue Sea 2...In answering a question nobody asked - here comes a trailer for Deep Blue Sea 2. Check it out below.The film stars Danielle Savre, Michael Beach, Rob Mayes. Darin Scott directs.SynopsisA brilliant billionaire named Carl Durant is experimenting on bull sharks, which soon rebel to cause havoc for a group of scientists.Image:... Continue Reading →

The Shallows trailer

The Shallows...Check out The Shallows first official trailer...which spoils a number of moments in the film. I love killer shark films but this too much of the story in the trailer business has to stop, you'll see two very cool moments which will provide you no shocks when (or if) you see the film.Anyway...The film... Continue Reading →

Tate Taylor tapped to direct USS Indianapolis pic

Untitled project about ill-fated USS Indianapolis...It's been reported that Mike Jones will script the Team Downey (Robert Downey Jr and Susan Downey) picture about a young boy discovering what really happened when the USS Indianapolis went down and its horrific aftermath. In case you haven't heard what happened I'll let Quint (Robert Shaw) give you... Continue Reading →

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