IT official trailer

IT...Check out the new trailer for IT. The film will be released 7 September (Australia) and 8 September (UK and USA).The film stars Bill Skarsgård, Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, Nicholas Hamilton. Andrés Muschietti directs.SynopsisWhen children begin to disappear in the town of Derry,... Continue Reading →

2nd IT trailer has less frights, more kids

IT...After showing at the MTV Awards, we now have a new IT trailer. After scaring everyone senseless in the first trailer, the second trailer is more about the kids. Check it out below.The film stars Bill Skarsgård, Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard. Andrés Muschietti directs.SynopsisChildren start to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine. The neighborhood... Continue Reading →

Creepy as hell IT trailer arrives

IT...Check out the genuinely creepy trailer for the IT remake. Released 7 September 2017 (Australia) and September 8 (USA and UK).The films stars Bill Skarsgård, Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff , Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer and Nicholas Hamilton. Andrés Muschietti directs. SynopsisWhen children begin to disappear in the... Continue Reading →

Ghoulish new IT poster says you’ll float too

IT...Ahead of the trailer being released tomorrow, a new IT poster has dropped, check it and the details out below.From the Press ReleaseNew Line Cinema’s horror thriller “IT,” directed by Andrés Muschietti (“Mama”), is based on the hugely popular Stephen King novel of the same name, which has been terrifying readers for decades.When children begin to... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Cell

@RenZelen reviews...Directed by Tod Williams (Paranormal Activity 2) and apparently co-scripted by King himself, Cell brings yet another adaptation of a King best seller to the big screen, reuniting John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson after their first foray into Stephen King territory in Room 1408.John Cusack plays comic book artist Clay Riddell, whose cell-phone... Continue Reading →

11.22.63 trailer arrives

11.22.63...Stephen King's time travel book has been turned into a mini-series and you can see the trailer below.The series stars James Franco, Chris Cooper, Josh Duhamel and will have various directors for different episodes.SynopsisHigh school teacher Jake Epping travels back in time to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy - but his mission is... Continue Reading →

Cujo remake on the way

Killer Dog details...Another remake is happening with Cujo being remade as C.U.J.O (Canine Unit Joint Operations). Lang Elliot will direct and produce the film which already has a finished screenplay.The film certainly won't be a straight remake of the 1983 film which was an adaptation of Stephen King's book. We will bring you more information... Continue Reading →

Pennywise – thy name is…

Actor picked for IT's clown...Reports are circulating that Will Poulter (Maze Runner, We're The Millers) has been picked to reprise perhaps the most notorious on screen clown in horror. The film will be split into at least two parts, with Cary Fukunaga directing Part 1. What can Poulter bring to the role? Only time will... Continue Reading →

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