Movie Review: The Green Inferno

@lcfremont reviews...The U.S. was supposed to see the release of The Green Inferno last September, but a dispute over publicity and advertising pulled it from Open Road Films release schedule. Enter Jason Blum, the much maligned savior of modern day horror. Under the BH Tilt label, Eli Roth’s love letter to 70’s cannibal films has... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Green Inferno

@mslaurahall reviews...I am not a fan of the cult classic Cannibal Holocaust. Copious rape scenes and genuine animal cruelty is not my bag. Nor can I claim to be a great admirer of Eli Roth. He gives great gore, but there’s too little to look at beyond the bloodstains. With that in mind, I didn’t... Continue Reading →

A brand new The Green Inferno trailer

To be (finally) released in September...With a release date of September 25 2015 (US) set for the much maligned The Green Inferno, we can get ready for the film and with a new trailer to feast your eyes on.The film stars  Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Aaron Burns and is directed by Eli Roth.SynopsisA group of student activists travels... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Green Inferno

Gracing Film 4's Frightfest, here's Scott Davis' verdict on Eli Roth's The Green Inferno...For many years now, director Eli Roth has been considered the premium purveyor of horror by many fans across the globe. His taste for all things gruesome (with a dash of black humour), has seen him enjoy great success, from his debut... Continue Reading →

The Green Inferno delayed?

Nooooooo....With what was meant to be a September 5 US release it seems that the Green Inferno maybe delayed - by how long nobody knows.According to ,Open Road has taken it off their calendar with no further comment. The issue is believed to be invovling funding for the P&A. Eli Roth commented on his twitter account saying -So... Continue Reading →

Film Trailer: The Green Inferno

After considerable time away from directing films Eli Roth is back with his love note to the Italian cannibal films of the 80s. Activists fly to Peru to stop the rainforest destruction only to crash in the jungle and have the natives acquire a taste for them. The trailer doesn't give away any of the cannibal... Continue Reading →

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