Omen TV series has lead and director

Damien's coming to TV near you...Bradley James has scored the title role in Damien, the 6 episode series that will follow the adult Damien as he comes to terms with being the Antichrist. Shekhar Kapur will direct the first episode as well as being the executive producer. Damien is pencilled in for a 2015 release... Continue Reading →

The Omen – A Lesson in True Horror

Ahead of Sunday nights Horror Watch of The Omen, @Ventspleen2014 looks at why this film is still considered by many to be a masterpiece.┬áIn 1976 The Omen was released to the world and a horror classic was born. The film tells the tale of an American diplomat (Robert Thorn) and his wife (Katherine) and their... Continue Reading →

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