Movie Review: The Voices

@theevilbread obeys his dogs instructions and reviews The Voices... Any of you who have owned pets in your life might find yourself talking to them at many points during the day as if they understand you, we all do it, a lot of us sometimes even vent to our pets because although they don’t understand you,... Continue Reading →

Now The Voices has a poster

The poster is ready for business...After the trailer dropped last week, we can now give you a look at the poster for The Voices. It reminds me of an 80s comedy poster and not in a good way. Check it out below and the trailer as well.The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton and Jacki Weaver. Marjane Satrapi... Continue Reading →

The Voices now has a trailer

Wanna see Ryan Reynolds talk to a cat?...After the release date was confirmed a few days ago (it's Feb 6th on VOD, incase you didn't see our post on it), now we have a trailer, which you can check out below.Seems like a totally crazy idea for a film...and well it is. However originality is... Continue Reading →

You can see The Voices

VOD and theatrical dates set for the Ryan Reynolds film The Voices...You can see horror-comedy The Voices on the 6th February on VOD outlets as well as a select theatre run in the US. 20 March 2015 is when you can see the film theatrically in the UK.The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick, Jacki... Continue Reading →

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