Review: Luz (UK Release)

Luz... Director: Tilman SingerWriter: Tilman SingerStarring: Luana Velis, Johannes Benecke, Jan Bluthardt Review Luz is a cryptic, supernatural chiller and the directorial debut from writer-director Tilman Singer. It hearkens back to the horror style of the 1980s, offering grainy 16mm film, a creepy mood and an unsettling, synth-heavy score. It is the kind of film... Continue Reading →

UK To Get Luz This June

Luz...Check out the details for Luz's UK release. We loved the film (our review) and you should check it out when and if you can.From the Press ReleaseWith theatrical release plans cancelled, LUZ, will be released digitally by Sharp Teeth Films on 1st June 2020. A sleeper hit at festivals worldwide (including Berlin, Fantasia and... Continue Reading →

Review: Luz [-FILM-]

Luz...Director: Tilman SingerWriters: Tilman SingerStars: Luana Velis, Johannes Benecke, Jan Bluthardt, Julia Riedler, Nadja StübigerReviewArt is all about creativity and creativity breeds ingenuity. Luz is a mixture of these things, in amongst some excellent acting and a thick atmosphere where things are not quite as they seem.The story begins with Luz (Velis) shuffling into an... Continue Reading →

Amazing New Poster For Luz [-NEWS-]

Luz...Check out the new poster for Luz. The film will open theatrically in NYC and LA on July 19 with a multi-city release to follow.LUZ begins as a young female cabdriver (Luana Velis) drags herself into a run-down police station. However, a demonic entity follows her there, determined to finally be close to the woman... Continue Reading →

Atmospheric New Trailer For Luz [-TRAILER-]

Luz...Check out the new trailer for Luz. Opening theatrically in NYC and LA on July 19.The film stars Luana Velis and Jan Bluthardt, Tilman Singer directs.SynopsisLuz begins as a young female cabdriver (Luana Velis, in the title role) drags herself into a run-down police station. However, a demonic entity has followed her there, determined to... Continue Reading →

Screen Media Acquires Luz

Luz...Screen Media announced today it has acquired all North American rights for Tilman Singer’s audacious, psychotropic horror film LUZ, planning a first quarter 2019 release in theaters across the US.LUZ made its North American bow at Fantasia Film Festival, and will have its US premiere at Fantastic Fest this week as part of the festival’s... Continue Reading →

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