Documentary Review: Mommy Dead and Dearest

@dinsmorality reviews...Director: Erin Lee CarrReviewNothing is scarier than the truth. Especially when the truth reveals the most disturbing potentials of human behavior. A new HBO documentary – toying with the Mommy Dearest title with deadpan irony – uncovers the bizarre and unfathomable relationship between Deedee Blanchard and her daughter Gypsy Rose. Billed as a true... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Cruel Summer

@chazensjezebel reviews...Directors: Phillip Escott, Craig NewmanWriters: Phillip Escott, Craig NewmanStars: Danny Miller, Richard Pawulski, Natalie Martins, Reece Douglas ReviewWhen reviewing a film, it’s important to look at things as objectively as possible and not make it personal. That’s a tough task to start, considering how subjective the medium is, but, occasionally, you watch a film... Continue Reading →

Population Zero trailer

Population Zero...Check out the Population Zero trailer. The true crime documentary is playing as part of Frightfest 2016.SynopsisIn 2009 three young men were killed in a remote part of Yellowstone National Park. The only thing more shocking than the crime itself are the bizarre events that followed.

House of Manson trailer

This will be unpleasant...The crimes of Charles Manson and his followers were horrific and now House of Manson will cover his life from his childhood to his arrest. The film stars Devanny Pinn, Erin Marie Hogan, Suzi Lorriane, Tristan Risk & Ryan Kiser. Bradon Slagle writes and directs.SynopsisAn unflinching chronicle of Charles Manson's life leading up... Continue Reading →

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