FEAR CLINIC: Robert Englund and the Indiegogo Campaign


We’re all afraid of something, right?  How many of you horror fans out there would die to see Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger) play a new scary horror franchise character?  Hell yeah!  And so would we.  Well, here it is…..  
With over five million viewers, FEAR CLINIC is the most-watched horror web series in FEARnet history.  Now we’re  taking things to the next level by making FEAR CLINIC THE MOVIE!  With your support and backing, we can make the kick-ass horror movie we would be proud to show you– our fans.  The kind of scary movie it was destined to become.
Join our team in making horror movie history.

We don’t know about you, but ROBERT ENGLUND (Freddy Krueger/NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) scared the shit out of us as teenagers.  We were honored beyond words when he read the script and called us up one day to tell us that he wanted to star in the web series!  From that day, Robert’s been behind this project every step of the way.

ROBERT GREEN HALL, our director, as you can tell from the pitch video, has written/directed/produced three feature-length movies (LIGHTNING BUG, LAID TO REST, CHROMESKULL: LAID TO REST 2) and recently directed episodes of TEEN WOLF on MTV.  Additionally, his ALMOST HUMAN STUDIOS provides innovative and award-winning creative and visual effects for numerous movies and shows (TEEN WOLF, QURONTINE, BURROWERS, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, BUFFY, ANGEL, X-FILES (to name only a few).

Get Your Horror On (Why We Need Your Help to Make this Movie!)

First, we will honor our Backers and their perks even if we do not get funded.  
Look, it’s insanely difficult launching a brand-new horror movie franchise.  Studios rarely invest in something new, hence the reason for so many horror remakes year after year.

Even before launching the Fear Clinic Web Series we’ve been trying to raise money to make this movie.  Over the past three years, many companies and investors have read the script and LOVED it!  We’ve even had a handful of these people make us some pretty decent offers.  But as you know there is no free lunch in this town.  The types of deals we were offerred meant handing over our passion project to strangers, and we’ve worked too dang hard, poured hours and hours of our lives into this, sacrificed greatly– to hand Fear Clinic over to somebody else so they could have all the fun and credit for making it happen.  

So like anybody with a dream, we’ve stuck to our guns and held out, clinging to the hope that one day we would find investors and backers who would let us make FEAR CLINIC into the type of horror movie it deserves to be.  
So far we’ve been pretty successful with raising most of the 1.2 million dollars– the total budget we need to make this movie.  We also have an investor ready to match whatever funds we raise on this campaign. However, we still have a $300,000. GAP we need to fill to put Fear Clinic on the movie screen and scare the living shit out of you!

JOIN US in backing FEAR CLINIC THE MOVIE so we can share with you that proud feeling of accomplishment that has driven us to make this movie a reality.
Our GOAL:  $150,000.
This will allow us to get FEAR CLINIC THE MOVIE into production.  We’ve slashed the budget down to the marrow to make this happen. 
Our STRETCH GOAL:  $300,000.
This amount is ultimately what we need to cover the entire gap of the 1.2 million dollar budget. If somehow hell freezes over and we’re lucky enough to exceed this goal, it will allow us to make some of the bigger set pieces we were forced to cut from the script due to budgetary constraints.
But no matter what, big or small budget— FEAR CLINIC THE MOVIE is going to be a scary thrill ride of a movie!  You have our word.  Just ask Robert Englund.  He only does scary.

What You’ll Get With Your Contribution (aka The Perks!)
We asked ourselves what cool and amazing stuff would we want if we were backing this movie. So, after a hardcore brainstorming session, we came up with a list of exciting, unique, one-of-a-kind memorabilia, scare-filled activities and opportunities we really hope you’ll not only love but cherish.  
We’re talking about the kinds of things no other movie experience could ever offer you.  Like the chance to go inside the FEAR CHAMBER itself (accompanied with scary sound and lighting effects and the “reassuring” voice of Robert Englund).  

Or how about the unique opportunity to be a patient from the Fear Clinic this Halloween (complete with a pair of tailor-made scrubs with your name embroidered on the front pocket and ‘PROPERTY OF FEAR CLINIC’ printed on the back)?  But don’t come running to us when the cops arrest you, believing you’ve just escaped from the Fear Clinic!

What about owning a one and only production still for your very own that a professional photographer will take ONLY FOR YOU during production!  
Or the chance to join Robert Green Hall’s award-winning Almost Human visual effects team during the making of this movie?   Or, how many of us have dreamed of being in a horror movie with Robert Englund and Danielle Harris?

We believe these are the kinds of unique opportunities that a person will never forget for the rest of their life. 
After all, we are so looking forward to making Fear Clinic the Movie a reality and we want you to share in that experience with us.  And get your horror on!

If you can’t contribute, have no fear—there are scary ways you can help us:

1.  SHARE this Indiegogo campaign with EVERYONE you know on the entire planet.  (link to share: igg.me/at/fearclinic) and use the hashtag: #fearclinicmovie 
2.  Visit and LIKE our Facebook page at:  www.facebook.com/fearthecure
3.  Create some scary fan art and share it on our Tumblr: http://fearclinic1.tumblr.com
4.  Participate in our upcoming CONTESTS on our FB and Twitter fan pages!
Thanks for your time and attention and watching our pitch video.  We worked really, really hard on this campaign.  See you at the movie!
Warmest regards, 

Team Fear Clinic

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