Hatchet III – Review

Hatchet III Review


Bloody. Over the top. Uneven.  Crazy. Excessive. Fun. Ridiculous.

Just some of the words associated with Hatchet 3 or III if you wish – the ever continuing story of the ghost of Victor Crowley that haunts the Honey Island swamp. If the other two Hatchets weren’t crazy enough for you then Hatchet 3 is probably your bag.

The film opens right where Hatchet 2 ended – with Marybeth (Danielle Harris) killing the hell out of Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder). Before the credits sequence is done, there will be chainsaw dismemberment, point blank shotgun firings and a new meaning will be given to the term deep throat – if any of those things do it for you then you are in for a treat.  Of course first off Marybeth (Danielle Harris) goes to the cops who instantly think she is a killer (and with good reason) and she is duly arrested. The cops go to the scene of murders that were alleged to have taken place and as we all know a good supernatural killer is never dead, even when he is in pieces. Thus the bloodletting starts in earnest. Meanwhile Marybeth is visited by town journo Amanda (Caroline Williams who is instantly recognisable from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) who knows how to defeat Victor Crowley once and for all.

When people bite the dust in Hatchet 3, they bite it hard. I am struggling to the think of an atrocity that wasn’t committed by Victor Crowley. Plenty of arms are lost and sharp tools buried into bodies, the blood effects are reminiscent of Dirty Harry with the hue of the blood taking on a more orange shade. Victor Crowley’s make up is amazing the way he is pieced back together facially is a pretty great feat and he looks every bit the crazed, gigantic psychopath that he is.
Adam Green doesn’t direct the film but did write it and fans can expect Green’s trademarks to be all the way through the film with director B J McDonnell taking the reins but not trying to change the style of the films that fans have grown accustomed to. The writing is ok with the occasion dialogue clunk but there actually is a story in amongst the carnage.

Danielle Harris and Caroline Wilson are both good in this Wilson seems to be a touch more enthusiastic about her lines than Harris is, probably because Harris doesn’t get to say a lot except “F*ck off” or “F*ck you” or some other variant. The rest of the supporting cast is great knowing when to add the splash of black comedy that runs through the script. Some fun cameos abound as well with Derek Mears playing a swat team commander, unfortunately the anticipated show door between two of modern horrors biggest monsters is a huge anti climax, Sig Haig plays the now usual dirty/redneck, adding his own style of comedy into proceedings.

Hatchet 3 is a fun ride but that is about it, it is nothing more than a beer and popcorn film. However this is not a bad thing as it is an entertaining watch and it never tries to be anything that it is not nor does it want to be. Green seems to have written this film for fans of the franchise and on that level it provides plenty of blood, guts and fun. Just don’t expect the world.

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