Bill Gordon’s Top 5 of 2013 (So far)

….So far
So 2013 has seen many disappointments and many nice surprises, so what better than to take a look back at my personal favourites! I know many of you may disagree with my choices, and I respect all your opinions and don’t want to start any arguments… so lets be nice alright?  Glad we got that across… (you guys are awesome).  LETS BEGIN!
5) V/H/S 2
I was a fan of ‘V/H/S’ despite some of the segments being a bit disappointing, but I felt ‘V/H/S 2’ learnt from its mistakes.  Each segment in ‘V/H/S 2’ was fun and unique in its own way… we got our best alien abduction horror this year… and it was thirty minutes long (sorry ‘Dark Skies’).  Easily the best segment was Gareth Evan’s ‘Safe Haven’, it was inventive, fun, scary and just damn crazy!  Not once was I bored.  ‘V/H/S 2’ has created a whole new universe where anything can happen… and I’m excited to see what else there is in it.
4) Evil Dead

Now… I know many of you HATE this film and I completely understand why, there is bad acting, gore for the sake of gore and it is just so damn clichéd!  But lets be honest… if the original Evil Dead came out today, it wouldn’t be too dissimilar.  ‘Evil Dead’ has some awesome practical effects, some intense moments and is just an overall fun movie.  I’m a huge fan of the original trilogy so I can understand much of the hate towards it, but I can’t help but just love it.  Yes some of the acting is terrible and stale, the characters are dull, but Jane Levy manages to pull off three completely different characters; the addict going sober, the deadite and the kick-ass heroin! And yes… she did make me fist pump the air (“Feast on this Mother F*cker”).  As far as remakes, reboots and requels go… ‘Evil Dead’ is pretty good in my books. (Check out my review)
3) Maniac

Ah… another remake.  The best way to describe ‘Maniac’ is if Nicolas Winding Refn directed a horror, it would look a LOT like this.  ‘Maniac’ looks so damn good and has a killer soundtrack (yes… pun intended… heh…).  It reinvents the Slasher sub-genre, giving you a first person perspective and almost makes you side with the killer.  Elijah Wood pulls off one of the best horror icons 2013 has offered us, a tortured soul that you almost feel sorry for… that is until he brutally murders innocent women and scalps them.  ‘Maniac’ is how a remake is done right, it reinvents the source material, it isn’t afraid to make things different and it succeeds.
2) You’re Next

It’s hard to describe how much I loved ‘You’re Next’, but yeah… I loved it.  Adam Wingard takes the Home Invasion/Slasher genre and flips it on its head; the result is a well thought out and darkly funny horror satire.  It doesn’t deliver scares, but it doesn’t need to when it’s this much fun.  Sharni Vinson is the new scream queen… less scream queen… more… “Kick-ass queen”. (Check out my review)
1) In Fear

‘In Fear’… ah… ‘In Fear’… well… I rarely get scared, but the first thirty/forty minutes of this film had me gripping the arm rest of my chair and just too damn scared to go on, but I couldn’t resist carrying on with the film.  The improvised script adds realism and makes the screams more terrifying. Yes, the film eventually goes a different route, but that doesn’t take away any of its brilliance, it’s still scary but in a completely different way.  ‘In Fear’ is one of the best Brit-horrors in recent years and I just can’t recommend it enough. (Check out my review)
I’m sorry if I made anyone angry with my top 5… agree to disagree? But if you haven’t seen any of these I really do recommend them and if you don’t/didn’t like them, I am truly sorry. 
Much love,
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