COMICS: Army of Darkness VS. Hack/Slash #2 (of 6)

When pages from the Book of The Dead go missing… only two people can save the world from evil…
Army of Darkness VS. Hack/Slash #2 (of 6)
By Bill Gordon

Another month and another issue of ‘Army of Darkness vs Hack/Slash’.  In this month’s issue, Tim Seeley takes our two heroes, Ash and Cassie, to a prison shower with naked deadites and an evil double, while on Ash’s quest to get some sugar… or find the missing pages of the Necronomicon… whichever way you want to read it. 

Like the first issue, the writing is funny and witty and Daniel Leister’s pencils look great.  However, sometimes you can’t help but wish that Stefano Caselli was on pencilling duties.  All you have to do is look at Caselli’s gorgeous work on the main cover and you’re salivating over the miraculous detail and the total bad-assery of it. 

This issue isn’t exactly a slow burner; it’s fast paced and it is fun.  For a mere 32 pages, it feels like a lot more.  It is still friendly to newcomers, with links mainly connected to the Army of Darkness film, and let’s face it… if you haven’t seen that then why the hell are you reading this?…  What’s that you say? Because you wanted to try something different or you’re a fan of the Hack/Slash series? Ha! Okay, well… that’s fair enough. 

Ash and Cassie are the ultimate buddy-cop team up.  When they’re not fighting deadites, they’re either arguing, Ash is drooling over Cassie or they’re physically fighting each other.  But despite their differences, when the time comes they will work together and they will kick ass, Cassie with her baseball bat and Ash with his chainsaw and boomstick, what more could you ask for? 

‘Army of Darkness vs Hack/Slash’ started off with a bang.  This second issue may be bigger than the first issue, but not exactly bloodier.  We still have four more issues of deadite action ahead of us, so I’m sure there will be more tongue-in-cheek blood and violence in future issues.  Let’s not forget that this is an Army of Darkness story too, so hopefully we can expect some time travel soon to shift things around a bit, so we can stray away from the simplicity of going from location to location looking for pages.  So far it is everything you would expect from an Army of Darkness and Hack/Slash team-up, veterans will hopefully still be impressed and newcomers will still be having a blast.  You will no doubt fall in love with Cassie Hack due to her bad ass attitude and Ash because… he’s THE Ash.  What’s that? They’re fictional characters?… F*ck.


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