Film News – "The Last of Us"

News reaches us that Screen Gems has picked up the rights to the film adaptation of Sony’s great Survival Horror game The Last of Us… 
It’s to be produced by Spider-man director Sam Raimi under his Ghost House Pictures label, along with Naughty Dog co-presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra and game director Bruce Straley.

The game, released exclusively for the PS3 in June last year, is set in 2033, and follows two survivors, the grizzled Joel and the younger Ellie, as they try to survive in a world ravaged by a fungal infection that turns humans into zombie-like figures.

The game was praised by critics for its story-telling, characterization and harrowing use of violence, but some gamers are worried that the very qualities that made it a great game will be lost on screen.  “Stripped of its “game-ness,” The Last of Us may turn into just another post-apocalyptic sci-fi zombie movie,” writes Paul Tassi for Forbes.

I guess we wait and see…

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