Film News – MurderDrome gets London Premiere

Murderdrome poster

The Roller Derby horror is finally coming to the UK…
and what better place to hold the UK premiere than in London’s ULU hosted by the London Rockin’ Rollers themselves!

The premiere is on the 3rd of May with tickets available from the ULU or online in advance from here.

Originally out in Australia a couple of years ago, the film is directed by Daniel Armstrong and stars Amber Sajben and Rachael Blackwood.  It’s out on DVD in the UK on 12th May.

Here’s the film synopsis

“Roller Derby sensation Cherry Skye loves nothing better than competing in her favorite sport. While on the rink, Cherry catches the eye of Brad and sparks fly. Unfortunately, she also catches the ire of Brad’s ex, her Roller Derby nemesis Hell Grazer! If that isn’t bad enough, the heat generated by this romantic rivalry arouses a malevolent demon-spirit, hungry for human souls – especially Cherry’s!

Trapped between the wrath of Hell Grazer and damnation at the Gates of Hell, Cherry has no option but to thrown down and sort this shit out the only way she know: In the rink known as The Murderdome!

Stop Screaming. Keep Skating. Welcome to the Murderdrome.”

Image from official facebook page


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