Film News – Found Footage 3D Makes First Casting Announcement

Found Footage 3D announce the first casting…

A month before rolling camera on the meta horror film Found Footage 3D, the filmmakers are pleased to announce their first cast member: Austin native Jessica Perrin, who will assume the role of Lily, the awestruck production assistant.

FF3D tells the story of a film crew who travel to a remote cabin in the woods to shoot a 3D found footage horror film, but get more than they bargained for when the evil entity they created for their film starts showing up in their behind-the-scenes footage.

Jessica was one of the first people seen for this role two months ago. Writer/director Steven DeGennaro deliberately chose one of the hardest scenes in the script for this audition, and Jessica’s audition video was head and shoulders above all the others. Says DeGennaro, “It was so good that if she’d shot it in 3D, we could’ve literally dropped the scene into the finished movie as is.” He adds, “We went on to audition almost 200 actresses for this part, but even after direction none of them came close to pulling off what Jessica was able to do right out of the gate. Jessica is going to be a huge star, and we’re all really looking forward to working with her.”

Image courtesy of FF3D

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