TV Review – Bates Motel, Season 2, Episode 8

Mother and son

After a slow week story wise last episode, would the next instalment of Bates Motel cause Steve Taylor-Bryant to have a ‘Meltdown’?…

Last week was a filler week, nothing much going on, just some build up to future story arcs. This week returned to the darker elements I enjoy most though which was pleasing.  It also played out like a chess game, moving all the pieces into position for the final couple of episodes. Both Jody Morgan and Nick Ford, the two different crime family bosses, want Dylan to deal with Zane before an all out drug war kicks off, but Dylan is unsure how to go about it, especially with Norma and Norman getting dragged in through different channels.

Norma and Norman’s fall out over her secrecy is dominant this week and both Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore set the bar even higher than before on the emotional front, playing every emotional trick in their twisted little book on each other.  There is also the issue brewing in the background of whether crime boss Nick Ford is going to find out Norma had sex with, and possibly killed, his daughter Blair, bringing into the equation who would protect Norman since we know he doesn’t get killed. The weird, almost uncomfortable relationship between Norma and Norman is becoming a bit creepy and almost sexual so protection would definitely be on Norma’s mind and Dylan also has a lot of love for his brother so he could be relied upon.

A bit from the left field but it seems the protection, at the moment at least, will come from Sheriff Romero. Romero has been a hard character to figure across the span of the show. He comes and goes almost drifting in and out of story arcs, but seems like a kindly figure of authority that Norman desperately needs in his life. His ideas of justice seem a bit hit and miss, wanting to punish criminals but at the same time make his life in the town simpler and safe, which could work well for Norman.

Plus – The infamous shower made its first appearance.


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