Fear Followers bags two writers

Writing team Adam Mason (PigReview here) and Simon Boyes (Blood River) have been hired to write internet-themed horror pic Fear Followers for Relativity Media.

The duo started out collaborating across the pond on the 2006 UK indie genre feature Broken and followed with The Devil’s Chair, Blood River, Luster, and Junkie, which Mason directed and co-scripted with Boyes.

They will script based off a treatment by Jaime Primak Sullivan, who is also a co-producer. The film tracks four college students who run a blog for fear junkies called Fear Followers, searching for the scariest haunted houses in America. They become trapped in one house and must fight for survival while their followers watch live online. Mason and Boyes last year sold spec Equinox to Paramount Insurge and wrote Not Safe For Work for Blumhouse Productions, which Joe Johnston directed.

Source: Deadline
Images: top.freewallpaper-s.net

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