Movie Review: Ghost Ship

@GemLER1983 sets sail to declare her love for Ghost Ship

Set on-board the Italianocean liner, Antonia Graza which mysteriously vanished 40 years previously, this film boasts one of the most awesome opening sequences ever; in my opinion! The gore is second to none and it’s possibly the most creative way to kill off a couple of hundred people or so!

The film follows a group of boat salvagers who have recently discovered the Antonia Graza floating in international waters – meaning it can be claimed by whoever brings it into port. On closer inspection, they find that there is a large amount of gold on-board, bonus payday then, we are all thinking……but things are not quite what they seem!
As the crew battle to save the stricken vessel from sinking while pulling it into port, a series of ghostly apparitions and terrible accidents pick off the crew one by one, leaving only Epps, who discovers the grisly truth about the ship and its history from a young girl, Katie, who was a passenger when the ship disappeared.

I particularly love the flashback section of the film showing the last moments of those on-board; it is shot in such a clever way with intermittent slow motion punches of detail that capture the absolute horror of the situation.

The film was directed by Steve Beck who also directed Thirteen Ghosts, I absolutely adore the way he brings out the sly looks of the perpetrators and uses those ‘blink of an eye’ shots to completely confuse and really scare the pants off you!

I love the gore in this film, besides the opening sequence there is another scene with a hook and someone who really had it coming…..if I’m completely honest!

It seems to have quite a nice ending; until the very last scene when you realise that actually, the story is not over, with Mudvayne’s ‘Not Falling’ crashing and smashing in the background, the cycle begins again!!

Despite the bad reviews this film has received, I really cannot rave enough about it, awesome death scenes, snarling baddies and glimpses of terror which make terror seem more terrible, what more could you want!?
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