Movie Review: Outpost II (AKA Outpost: Black Sun)

@bloodonthedice gives us a compact review of a Nazi zombie flick…


Somewhere in Eastern Europe, a nation is sliding into the chaos of civil war. In the middle of this is Lena (Catherine Steadman), a Jewish woman searching for a monster from her family’s past. Joining forces with Wallace (Richard Colye), a man with whom she shares history, and a squad of NATO soldiers, they fight their way through bands of Nazi zombies to destroy the machine that created them.
The follow-up to the 2008 British horror film Outpost, Black Sun manages to hold its own. All parts are played well if at times a little stiffly and Coyle’s American accent remains consistent if unconvincing. The small patches of woodland doubling up as sets are used well and there is enough pseudo-science and cheap jump scares to hold the film together.

While zombies – Nazi or otherwise – have been done to death, the British sense of humour and Black Sun‘s simple premise holds it together. It may not be an original film but it is a enjoyable one and because Black Sun doesn’t try to do anything other than what is on the label, it is a better film for it.

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