News: Friday the 13th now in 3D and not Found Footage?

Friday the 13th in 3D again…

A bit of good or bad news depending on your position…Bloody Disgusting reports a bit of news coming out of THR‘s report on the ongoing CineEurope convention. Paramount Pictures’ forthcoming Friday the 13th re-remake will be in 3-D. With this annoucement it would seem that the found-footage angle has been dropped. David Bruckner, is still in talks to get behind the camera.
Paramount Pictures is releasing with Platinum Dunes producing once again. A new release has been slated for November 13, 2015.

Well I was actually looking forward to see a found footage film with a known franchise. Be interesting to see what they come up with this time from this seemingly unkillable (despite many dire sequels) franchise.

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