Clean Break News & Trailer

The award-winning thriller Clean Break…

 (available in Canada currently – more places to follow)  won Best Drama Feature at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival and then in Canada at the Blood in the Snow Film Festival.

Starring Tianna Nori as Tracy and Samy Osman as Cam, the film has received positive reviews for it’s take on the “psycho girlfriend” genre.

Shot in just 12 days with an ultra-low budget of $15,000, Clean Break is a thriller about three roommates who are living the bachelor lifestyle, until one of them gets a girlfriend who will stop at nothing to get rid of any excess baggage.

Director Tricia Lee notes “This is a thriller from a woman’s perspective, a perspective that tries to find the humanity in the ‘psycho girlfriend’ genre. Tracy isn’t the typical two-dimensional horror villain. Sure she’ll kill to get what she wants, but she’s coming from an emotional place. And when she’s up against somebody like Cam, who has his own extreme views, it becomes a true battle of the sexes.

Check out the trailer below –

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