Songs inspired by horror films

Ever wondered if a hardcore punk band wrote a song about The Lost Boys… @TigersMS78 has

After doing some research and listening to some great, some appalling and some hilarious (intentional or not) songs I have come up with a list of songs inspired by horror films. I know this list has been done before so I have tried to go outside the square and come up with something interesting at least (I hope) and I have tried to get some different styles in there too…  these are in no particular order because so of them are horrendous.

This Canadian Hardcore punk band has come up with a very short song about The Lost Boys. It’s loud, fast and to the point, oh its also accurate! [WARNING – Bad Language]

Key Lyric –
Sleep all day
Party every night
Never grow old
Never die

LEATHERFACE – Lääz Rockit 
This Thrash Metal band for San Francisco formed in 1982. Coming up with a tribute to everyone’s favourite skin wearing, chainsaw weilding maniac Leatherface.

Key Lyric –
Heres your invitation to come join leatherface
its his adiction to keep you face to face
Screaming in the darkness
after nailing you down
swinging the hammer
no one hears a sound

Six Reasons is a rapper from L.A. Clearly he knows who Micheal Myers is as evidence by the video (or he gets him confused with the phantom of the opera) but he mentions Freddy Kruger even more (however I will address that with the next song). If you are offended by all the swears the rappers use – then don’t watch…

Key Lyric –
Now Michael Myers (x8)
Freddy Krueger (kill em) (x4)
Now Michael Myers (x8)
Freddy Krueger (kill em) (x4)

The Fat Boys were formed around the 1980’s in Brooklyn. The were asked to do song for Nightmare on Elm Street 4, so they did and Robert Englund rapped along as Freddy…not even kidding.

Key Lyric –
It was just prime time,
I know you’ll never forget
What he did to the girl with the t.v. set

NORMAN BATES – Landscape
The English band Landscape was formed in 1974. In 1981 they released a quirky synth pop song called Norman Bates.

Key Lyric –
His mother was still alive
He stole her corpse and preserved it with chemicals.
He kept her alive by wearing her clothes
Speaking in her voice; thinking her thoughts.

Videos: Youtube

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