The Drownsman Trailer makes waves

Scared of water? You might be after this!

The Drownsman stars Michelle Mylett, Gemma Bird Matheson, Caroline Korycki, Sydney Kondruss, Clare Bastable, Chad Archibald directs the film.

Check out the trailer below and look for our review very soon!

After almost drowning in a lake, Madison finds herself bound to a life of fear. Unable to describewhat happened to her during the moments she was underwater, Madison begins to develop hydrophobia: an abnormal fear of water.
Crippled by her post trauma, Madison attempts to shut out the world around her, but her fear intensifies when she begins to be haunted by the vision of an evil figure. After watching her struggle for over a year, Madison’s four friends stage an intervention in a desperate attempt to help. In doing so, they accidentally open a floodgate to a dark place where none of them are safe. As Madison and her friends dive deeper into the dark history of the evil that haunts them, they’re dragged one by one to a horrifying place from which they may never return.


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