Scream TV Series gets casting

Scream TV series is a go…

The powers that be at MTV have started casting for the Scream TV pilot. Since Wes Craven has stated that he is done with the Scream franchise even though Kevin Williamson still has some Scream scripts written up.

The TV pilot written by Jill Blotevogel will center on a viral Youtube video (of course…) which leads to repercussions for the main character Audrey Jensen and lifts the lid on the town’s dirty secrets. Sounds a little bit like how Twin Peaks was meant to work…

The three top choices for the pilot are John Karna, Carslon Young and Amadeus Sarafini, with Young being the front runner for the character of Brooke Maddox – a 16 year old ‘queen bee’ who is bubbly, genuine and sexy…

Excuse my huge misgivings about this whole venture it doesn’t bode well unless the series has the satire of the films – only time will tell.

Images: theoryofthephil

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