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Nyctophobia US Cover

Nyctophobia by Christopher Fowler is out in October from our friends at Solaris Books and so here is why some doors should never be opened…

“It’s a strange thing, nyctophobia. You’re not born with it. It can start at any time. It comes and goes, and it’s one of the only phobias you can transmit to other people.”

Hyperion House in southern Spain is an eccentric and remote place: serene and beautiful, but eerily symmetrical, and cunningly styled so that half the house is flooded with light, and half – locked up and neglected – is cloaked in darkness. But when recently qualified architect Callie Shaw and husband Mateo happen upon the building it seems the perfect home for their new family.

Increasingly isolated in the foreign countryside, Callie determines upon a project to research the history of the curious building, and discovers instead that the past is sometimes best left alone.

As a teenager Callie was afraid of the dark, and now with her adolescent nyctophobia returning she becomes convinced there’s someone in the shrouded rooms. In uncovering the folklore of the house’s strange history, Callie finds herself drawn into darkness and delusion.

Somewhere in the shadows lurks the truth about Hyperion House…

Nyctophobia is the stunning new stand-alone title from Horror master Christopher Fowler, which explores what it truly means to be haunted.

Part ghost-story and part psychological-thriller; Nyctophobia is a beautifully written, cinematic masterpiece that draws readers into the nightmare world of Callie’s darkness, relentlessly building to the story’s chilling climax.

About the Author

Christopher Fowler is the award-winning author of over thirty novels and twelve short story collections, and the Bryant & May mystery novels, which record the adventures of two Golden Age detectives investigating impossible London crimes. His latest books are the sinister comedy-thriller Plastic, the memoir Film Freak and the haunted-house novel Nyctophobia. Other work includes the War of the Worlds videogame, a graphic novel and a Hammer horror radio play. He has a weekly column in The Independent On Sunday. He spends his time between London and Barcelona. Find out more at

Cover image (US Version) courtesy of Solaris.

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