Leatherface: The Wonder Years

Texas Chain Saw: 90210…

Confirmation that a prequel to the great 1974 horror Texas Chain Saw Massacre has been given the go ahead.

Apparently Seth M Sherwood has been given the task of the nutting out Leatherface’s teen years, the film is set before 1974….so I don’t in the 60s sometime?
All the yearning as Leatherface tries to win a date with the school headcheerleader but the school’s QB gets his pals to play a prank…not really but as you can tell from sarcastic response, I am absolutley the least excitied person on earth after hearing this. Sorry for the negativity and being the editor I should just report the news…

It’s time for a change if THIS is the best studios can come up with.

Images: Staractionfigures.co.uk

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