Movie Review: Raven’s Cabin

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Raven’s Cabin is about groups of teenagers being taken off the streets, blindfolded and delivered to a cabin in the Australian bush. These teenagers are troublemakers and the cabin is a sort of behavioural army facility with guards that bully the kids into behaving themselves and modify their behaviour. There is a story going around the camp of a murder a few years earlier and one of the girls taken to the camp can speak to the dead so is asked to seek the truth.

Raven’s Cabin is not original by any sense of the imagination, but trying to link two separate storylines together does at least make it interesting. The main story is the attitude of the guards at the camp and how far they are willing to go with their behaviour modification plans. The other part of the tale is the ghost of a murdered girl trying to communicate with the people at the cabin. The supernatural elements are certainly intriguing but unfortunately the storyline seems to be secondary to the more human story of abuse.

Raven’s Cabin is watchable and I enjoyed parts quite a lot but I am left feeling the filmmakers missed a trick by not fleshing out both stories with equal aplomb. The acting is okay with no one in particular shining but the standard in general is much higher than some films of this nature and the writing for the behaviour modification/torture side of the story leads to some great dialogue although I do feel the relationships within the camp could have been played out more fully. The supernatural element could have worked extremely well but I was left disappointed that it just didn’t seem to fit together. It is almost like two different films edited together in places which is a real shame as Raven’s Cabin could have been quite epic.

If you like the concepts described and can forgive the odd issue between the stories not quite working then you should enjoy Raven’s Cabin.

Steve Taylor-Bryant

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