Chilean film Perfidia International Trailer

Scene from Perfidia

Chilean film Perfidia international trailer debuts…

October 2014. During this month is taking place the international premiere of Perfidia, independent fantasy film directed by Lucio A. Rojas and presented by Border Motion Cinema. Is the 2nd work of Lucio A. Rojas after his debut with Zombie Dawn in 2012, a movie that was commercially released in theaters in USA, currently available on DVD and a diversity of online platforms.

Perfidia tells the story of Laura, a married woman who reencounters with Rubén, a former young love. In order to celebrate this new opportunity in their lives they manage to have a weekend out far from city, in a cabin near the mountains, where strange events – that seems to have some connection with Rubén´s childhood – start to happen, changing their whole lives.

Leading roles for feature film are in the hands of Catherine Mazoyer (Machuca), Íñigo Urrutia (No), Daniel Antivilo (Violeta Went To Heaven) and Ximena del Solar.

At the same time Perfidia is being exhibited in film festivals around the world the producers are in search for its international distribution.

Currently Rojas and Border Motion Cinema are working in the post-production of  Path (aka Sendero), a survival/horror film which is expected to have its premiere on 2015. The teaser for this project is already available online.

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