The Conjuring 2 scares up date

James Wan is back, so to are the Warrens…

Love it or hate it, The Conjuring‘s phenomonal box office meant that a sequel was inevitable and given the spinoff which wasn’t very good, yet yielded a decent box office haul, The Conjuring 2 was a fait accompli.

The Conjuring 2: The Einfield Poltergist will be the case the Warrens are investigating, a case back in 1977 in London. The films original writers (Chad and Carey Hayes) return as well as Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.

Now we have a release date (US date at the moment but considering the The Conjuring was released worldwide around the same time I can’t see why they’d change that) of June 10 2016 – that’s right folks, that’s a Marvel sized wait, so in the meantime, we’ll try to steer you toward some good, indie horror, so stay tuned.

Image: IMDb

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