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@LiamHoofe checks into emergency as he reviews Nurse…


If it’s a genuinely insane, blood splattered and hilarious horror movie you’re looking for this Christmas then look no further than Darren Aarnioski’s Nurse.

Nurse sets his stand from its opening scene when our anti hero, played by Paz De La Huerta slices the artery of her latest victim, a cheating husband who she has seduced in a club. That is her mission: to seduce and murder all adulterers in the New York and she goes about it in glorious fashion over the 84 minute run time.

Nurse is far from original- the film is nothing more than a sleazy, exploitative tour de force- embracing its cheap, b-movie aesthetic and running with it. Like its protagonist the movie gets crazier and crazier as the body count piles up, with the dialogue getting equally as preposterous. There are even a few lesbian love scenes thrown in there, just in case the film didn’t push the boundaries of taste enough with its murder scenes.

De La Huerta camps it up to the max in the lead role, oozing both sex appeal and pure insanity whilst the supporting cast all join in on the fun throughout, with Katrina Bowden (Dale and Tucker Vs Evil) and Corbin Bleu (High School Musical) being particular highlights.

The film is far from flawless, there are plot holes galore and the script is ridiculous but with its non stop, all guns blazing approach you don’t get too much chance to stop and think about it. The film is over in a blood splattered blink but it’s one you will happily find yourself revisiting for a good old fashioned bit of fun.

High art it certainly isn’t but for those looking for a good old fashioned sleazy genre piece Nurse may just turn out to be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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