Statement on the Charlie Hebdo Massacre

We at Haddonfield, along with our affiliate site TheCultDen are horrified at the violent attack on free speech. To take human life just because you disagree with the opinions being voiced is a disgusting and cowardly betrayal of everything we stand for. Regardless of your views, resorting to these acts of barbarism brings with it a louder and more determined shout for the freedom of speech. It is something not to take lightly and to never ever set aside.

Now is not the time for these arguments though and we would like to take this opportunity to voice our sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones who were going about the daily jobs.

The thugs who view this course of action as an appropriate response are ignorant of everything except their lust for blood.

We stay silent and bow our heads not in defeat but in heartfelt sadness for what has happened. But believe me we, and others like us, will not be silenced for long.

Love and prayers to all who are suffering

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