Digging up the Marrow trailer

poster for digging up the marrow

Trailer for Adam Green’s new film…

The film is directed by Adam Green and stars Ray Wise, Adam Green, Will Barratt.

What if the ghastly images and abominations haunting our collective nightmares actually exist? Writer/director Adam Green (Hatchet) sets out to make a documentary exploring this tantalizing premise after being contacted by a mysterious man named William Dekker (Ray Wise). Dekker claims he can prove that “monsters are real” and insists these grotesque creatures are forgotten, hideously deformed humanoids inhabiting a vast, underground metropolis of the damned. Determined to expose the truth, Green embarks on a bone-chilling odyssey and gets more than he bargains for when he dares to go Digging Up the Marrow.

image: IMDb

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